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From Earthquake to Empowerment!
From Earthquake to Empowerment!

Our Team - organized in the USA

Lisa D. Bates, MS, BSW

Chairman of the Board

Lisa D Bates holds a Bachelor of Social Work degree through Missouri State University and a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management and Leadership through Walden University. 

She is professionally qualified in Generalist Social Work and has supported Madhav Bhandari and his humanitarian work in Nepal for seven years. Lisa was instrumental in the founding of both ACHIEVE! Nepal and its sister organization, Community Service of Nepal.

Norma S. Rowland, MA, BA

Vice Chair

Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  During her career, she started as a Nurse, then went on to become a License Social worker and eventually a Psychological Consultant.  She specialized in working with abused children and also became a consultant for battered women.   She worked at a State School with dual diagnosis children and adults. Her main area of expertise is with children and teens.  After retirement, she continues to upgrade her skills while volunteering for several non-profits.  Norma is a steady supporter of our cause. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology.


Joseph L. Bates, Sr.


Joe came up through the school of hard knocks, but he has a heart as big as the sun. He always has a different viewpoint on every issue and is very practical and helpful on every committee he serves on. Joe is a retired carpenter, and has worked as a professional clown, and trained to be a professional wrestler. He looks at the world from a different perspective, which is very valuable in our planning process.


Sharrhan Williamson


Sharrhan Williamson is an accomplished artist who has donated her work to our cause. She is the newest member of the board. Her beautiful work will soon be available on T-shirts and tote bags which we will sell to raise funds for our work. We are extremely grateful for her generosity.

Kimberly Irby

Director of the Etsy Store

Kimberly has been a jewel! She took the idea of our Etsy store and she has made it into what it is today. She is a talented jewelry maker in her own right, and she has donated a number of beautiful gemstone pieces to our store so that the money from selling them will go to feed the orphans. We are really grateful to her for everything she has done, and continues to do, to manage the store professionally for our organization. She is also one of the newer members of the board, and we look forward to working with her in the future.


Robert Burns

Robert is a deeply kind and caring person. He has been one of the most regular supporters of the orphans. He felt moved to do something about the plight of the Nepali people after the earthquake, and he has been a stalwart supporter ever since. We are very fortunate to have this kind and thoughtful member of the team to help share our message with our supporters through the internet.


Barbara Levine

Barbara publishes a small business magazine and produces a podcast where she makes a point of mentioning ACHIEVE! Nepal and publicizing our work. She is a person with a million important connections, and she interacts with all while she goes through her busy days. Barbara is planning a major fund raiser in June in her home state of Texas to help us feed the orphans. Barbara is full of helpful ideas from her interactions with everyone from local businesspeople to African heads of state. Her energy and enthusiasm are infectious, and we are fortunate to have such an idea person on the board.


Margery Ohmer

Founding Member Emerita

Margie has been instrumental to the fundraising process of our organization. She works full time and raises teenagers, but she always has time to share others about our organization and to encourage them to support us in our work. Margie is personally responsible for raising over $8,000 on her GoFundMe site, to help our orphans when they had to spend the monsoon season under a tarpaulin tent, and then while they became established in their residence. Margie recently had some severe health issues to deal with, and we are so happy that she has recovered and is getting back to her regular routine. We have missed her sunny contribution to every conversation and her boundless enthusiasm for our cause.  


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