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From Earthquake to Empowerment!
From Earthquake to Empowerment!

Orphan Nutrition Project

The 30 kids at the Kopila Child Protection Center have been through a lot.

They were made homeless by the 2015 earthquakes, and stayed together with their two volunteer caregivers under a tarpaulin for 6 months while we attempted to find them permanent shelter in post-earthquake Nepal.


Over 8,000 people were killed in the 2015 earthquakes, and over half a million homes were destroyed, while countless others were made unsafe for human habitation. In that environment, it was very difficult to get the kids back into a home which was in any way affordable. 



During that time, we sent them food, clothes and other necessitities. Finally, we were able to get them back into shelter. Now they are able to go to school, and get medical care on a regular basis.


Please look at the photos below to see thier current quality of life.


Now, each month we pay their food bill. It costs us at least $650 per month to feed the 30 kids, which comes out to only 72 cents a day per child to keep them from starving.


We struggle each month to raise at least this amount, and could really use your help!


Complete nutrition for them would cost us $2.00 per day per child, and that is our immediate goal. That would require raising $1800 per month, every month.


These kids are vibrant and loving and are the future of Nepal.


Any donation will go directly to their grocery bill.  


If you can, please set up a regular donation amount to help us keep them fed, growing and healthy. Help us build up their nutrition beyond a survival level!

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