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From Earthquake to Empowerment!
From Earthquake to Empowerment!

Infrastructure Development Project



Construction is underway on a major bridge over the mighty Sunkoshi River near the city of Barhabise. Our Nepal Operations Director, Madhav Bhandari, was the chairman of the committee formed by local residents to request the Nepal government to build this bridge. After many years, construction was finally approved. However, there were many obstacles that still needed to be overcome. There was a major landslide in the area which created a dam over the Sunkoshi River which needed to be removed by hand by the Nepali Army before the waters rose to flood the city of Barhabise. Then the devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in early 2015 with the force of 15 Hiroshima bombs! It was unsafe to even approach the area due to the aftershocks and continued landslides. The main road was impassable for quite some time. Once the road was cleared, construction was also delayed due to disagreements on the exact location of the bridge itself. However, Madhav Bhandari maintained a leadership role through all of these complications. Now the bridge construction is finally underway, and over 3,000 families will be connected with the outside world with a motor bridge instead of a footpath suspension bridge! 


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