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From Earthquake to Empowerment!
From Earthquake to Empowerment!

Earthquake Survivor Empowerment

When the earthquakes ripped through Nepal in March 2015 with the power of 15 Hiroshima bombs, the country was devastated. It has not yet recovered.


The people who were most affected were left without a way to tell the world how the natural disaster has changed their lives or what would help them the most to recover. Therefore, with the help of the Director of the Nepal Central Bureau of Statistics, we have conducted an extensive and scientifically designed survey of 350 of the earthquake survivors in one of the poorest and most severely affected areas in Lalitpur District, Nepal.


This will give the earthquake survivors a voice. The survey has already been conducted and the results are in the analysis stage right now. The photographs below show the orientation program which instructed the survey team on how to collect standardized survey results.


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